Everything will be #Дніпро1 !

Special operations regiment «Dnipro-1» is an exemplary policy unit, which performs military functions.

Almost two years soldiers of the regiment are located in anti-terrorist operation zone. The regiment has a solid track record of numerous liberated localities. According to distinguished services, former battalion was assigned a regiment status and its staff was extended till 1000 soldiers. Nowadays «Dnipro-1» is the only one Ukraine policy unit, which has a regiment status. Within «Dnipro-1» regiment there operates air intelligence squad, which is the only in Ukraine. Drone operators make regular flights over enemy territory to scout for Russian terrorist troops. All the intelligence data collected is immediately transferred to the army headquarters.

«Dnipro-1» gathered the best of the best. The regiment has strict selection rates, which can be passed only by highly motivated and trained people. Persons without unsavory reputation or those who were not be the supporters of former government in place are held at a vantage. 

Yuri Bereza
Founder of regiment «Dnipro-1». Сareer military man. Member of Ukrainian parliament and real patriot.
Peace in Ukraine is only possible after full defeat of both external and internal enemies. We will never give up. Together till the end!
Oleksandr Rashevskiy
Commanding officer
Acting commander-in-chief of the regiment «Dnipro-1».
We should always defend our Land and fight against enemies of Ukrainian idea and nation.