Main Never forget Tomilovich Denis Grigoryevich («Dan»)

Tomilovich Denis Grigoryevich («Dan»)

Junior lieutenant

11.03.1982 - 29.08.2014

Denis Tomilovich was killed on so called «Green route» while moving away from Ilovajsk’s trap. At the 12th of September 2014 his body was found by search team «Evacuation-200» («Black tulip») on the road between Novokaterinovka and Leninskoe villages and was got in Zaporozhe. He was identified by relatives.

Family status: wife and two children.

Burial place: p.g.t. Taromskoe, Dnepropetrovsk Oblast


Denis Tomilovich was posthumously awarded an Order for Personal Courage of III degree.

(Decree of the Ukrainian President № 873/2014 of November 14, 2014).