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Kurnosenko Nickolay Yuryevich («Spielberg»)

Master sergeant

28.06.1975 - 29.08.2014

Nickolay Kurnosenko was killed on so called «Green route» while moving away from Ilovajsk’s trap. At the 20th of September 2014 his body was found by search team «Evacuation-200» («Black tulip») on sunflower field on south-west of Gorbatenko farm and was got in Zaporozhe. He was identified by DNA testing. On the 12th of September 2015 the soldier was buried.

Burial place:  Dnepropetrovsk, Krasnopolsk’ cemetery.


Nickolay Kurnosenko was posthumously awarded an Order for Personal Courage of III degree.

(Decree of the Ukrainian President № 838/2014 of October 31, 2014).


Not by accident Nickolay assumed the codename «Spielberg» – he was a creative personality. During the duty tour in regiment Nickolay took the lead in the creation of official «Dnipro-1» Facebook group. He was among the first to film the events in ATO. He created the first picture shot about the regiment – «Ukrainian knife».


Nickolay is known Wikipedist. In 2013 he was the second in the competition «Wiki Loves Monuments» in Ukraine with photography «The center of organ music, Dnepropetrovsk».


The last photo with Nikolay Kurnosenko was made on the 28th of August 2014 in Ilovajsk school (where the headquarter was placed).