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Bonykovskij Valeriy Evgenyevich («Kabul»)

Master sergeant

14.01.1970 - 16.10.2014

On the 16th of October 2014 Valeriy Bonykovskij was killed under mortar fire near Peski town (Yasynuvata Raion, Donetsk Oblast).

Family status: mother, three daughters and grandson.

Burial place: Poltava city, Walk of Fame of Bozhenkovskoe cemetery.


Valeriy Bonykovskij was posthumously awarded an Order for Personal Courage of III degree.

(Decree of the Ukrainian President № 838/2014 of October 31, 2014).


Valeriy Evgenyevich Bonykovskij was born and grown in Poltava in the house near military airfield, maybe because of this he dreamed of aviation from the childhood. A second his appetency was a pictorial art – he graduated school of art with honours over a period of three instead of four years.



There is an article about Valeriy in weekly newspaper of MIA in Ukraine «In the name of law» № 50 .

The memorial plague in honor of the soldier was opened in the Poltava city secondary school N 11.