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The «Dnipro-1» regiment was withdrawn from Peski town on the 20th of August 2015

«Dnipro-1» regiment press service informs: The «Dnipro-1» regiment was withdrawn from Peski town on the 20th of August 2015.


The whole epoch finished and the new one begins for the first voluntary unit in Ukraine – the police special operations regiment «Dnipro-1». The fighters of the regiment already have thousands of battles and brave deeds. They liberated cities and built-up areas rescued lives of innocent population and brought hope in future nationwide.


The year before there was a huge tragedy –­­­­­­ brothers were fallen in battle for Ilovajsk. The whole country bends the knee to the heroes who was killed in Ilovajsk’s trap.

Also the year before there was an outstanding victory –­­­­­­ Peski town of Donetsk Province was liberated. The enemy was rebounded and locked in Donetsk without maneuver’s possibility.

During the year «Dnipro-1» shoulder to shoulder with 93rd Bgd held one of the hottest spot of the front line–­­­­­­ Donetsk’s suburb Peski. The fifth company command took part in liberation of the town proximately, fighting for their home –­­­­­­ Donetsk. During the week of battling for Donetsk airport five «Dnipro-1» heroes were holding a meteorological observing station till rescue came.

During the year a number of soldiers fallen in Peski became to be equal to casualty of «Dnipro-1» regiment in Ilovajsk’s trap. In spite of the fact that casualties in «Dnipro-1» are the smallest among the voluntary units, each life is above price and each casualty is the tragedy.


When on summer 2015 all of the voluntary units were led from the firing line (such as «Аzov» and «Donbass» from Shirokino), «Dnipro-1» regiment was the only one volunteer jn the frontline.


Today «Dnipro-1» regiment triumphantly hands over its positions on the fire-line to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. For the whole country Peski is a symbol, which will stay an example of heroism and patriotism. The regiment follows orders of Anti-Terror Center headquarters.

There is a new aims for «Dnipro-1»: mop-ups, fighting against raiding forces and contrabandists, law and order in anti-terror operation zone and so on and so forth.

The struggle is lasting! The struggle for Ukraine and its future! 

Everything will be #Дніпро1 !

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