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Location of terrorist «Givi» is under the gun

«Dnipro-1» regiment press service informs: location of terrorist «Givi» is under the gun of Ukrainian Army.


Almost one year Airborne Prospecting unit of the «Dnipro-1» monitors location of the «Givi» terrorist base in Donetsk.


In the video there are an obvious evidences of presence of forbidden technique on the militants base, located in 4 km from The Armed Forces of Ukraine positions. 


The Airborne Prospecting unit constantly overwatches the enemy's camp and can confirm the militants shifts, delivery of new technique and weapons, works over fortification and artillery positions on this territory for a considerable period of time.


All data is immideatily transferred to the ATO (Non-government controlled area) Headquarter for аfinal decisions.


Everything will be ‪#‎Дніпро1‬ !



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