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«Dnipro-1» fighters are perfecting the Ukrainian language

In Dnepropetrovsk on «Dnipro-1» regiment base the Ukrainian language training courses have started for the fighters. Around a score of soldiers was gather in jury-rigged classroom. According to regiment headquarter the main goal of this program is the vocabulary refinement of special operations soldiers and their fluent speaking on the native language. The project was initiated by National Protection headquarter and Ukrainian language cultural center n.a. Oles Gonchar of National mining university. «Regimental students» will gather twice a week. Introductory course is optimized for 16 thematic lessons, after which intense training including work sheets and testing will start. 


As Lieutenant-Colonel of «Dnipro-1» regiment David Gurtskaya pointed, during a few months the fighters who present oneself as office-holders will fluently speak Ukrainian without Surzhik. «Knowledge of language of the country, which is defended, is prerequisite of the victory at any battlefield: political, cultural and military. Thus we invited a teacher», – Lieutenant-Colonel of «Dnipro-1» regiment remarks.


The Ukrainian language training course for the fighters is discoursed by famous Ukrainian poetess, translator and novelist Lesya Stepovychka. By her words on the lessons they will refer to Ukrainian literature, learn Ukrainian songs and so on.


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