Main News Society Excursions on «Dnipro-1» regiment base are going on

Excursions on «Dnipro-1» regiment base are going on

On the 21st of October 2015 the next scheduled excursion for the high schoolers of the Dnepropetrovsk suburb Dievka’s school №94 has taken place. The goal of such initiative of National Defence Headquarters in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast is a patriotic education of the youth.


During the excursion children had an opportunity to talk with the fighter of «Dnipro-1» – the inspector of combat alert unit Dmitriy Rudenko. High shoolers got to know interesting stories about fighter’s life, while visiting a military barrack. They also had seen a military hardware and the drone in airborne prospecting bulk. Children were glad, they returned thanks to Dmitriy and asked to invite them on such events.


Excursions on «Dnipro-1» regiment base are going on - photo № 1

Obviously, the rising generation of Ukraine, which became bystanders of the war and revolution, would be raised in a true genius – with respect to servicemen who were fought for a freedom. For example a number of boys said that they have a plan to enroll in a military educational establishment.


Some say that it is not good to give a weapon to the children. But it is conceivable that some of the killed young soldiers just didn’t have a sufficient technical training. Because, the military science should be studied right from the adolescence.


Excursions on «Dnipro-1» regiment base are going on - photo № 2

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