Main News Society A pre-premiere screening of «Frontier Church» on «Dnipro-1» regiment base

A pre-premiere screening of «Frontier Church» on «Dnipro-1» regiment base

On the 5th of November 2015 at 3 p.m. a pre-premiere screening of «Frontier Church» will take place on «Dnipro-1» regiment base. The film is about the social role of military chaplain Dmitriy Povorotnyj during the war on the east of Ukraine.


A film director is a representative of the London studio CONFIGURE//DISFIGURE Egons Upītis (Latvia). For the first time Egons arrived at Ukraine during events at Maidan Nezalezhnosti. In Dnepropetrovsk after some months he got to know with military chaplain Dmitriy Povorotnyj with whom he became to visit anti-terrorist operation zone filming and making battle-field interviews. The result of this work is documentary film about persons, who defend their land.


Military chaplain Dmitriy Povorotnyj says: «A war doesn’t a mankind state of nature, because wars disunite the peoples and result in murder, death, tears, destroyed cities, orphans – everything of this is grievously to be seen. But there is a lot of truth about oneself and others in such stress conditions».


A film premiere will be in Ukrainian cinemas in December 2015.


Accreditation for Mass media and civilians:
067 42 83 183;    050 320 59 54
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