Main News Society «Dnipro-1» regiment announces admission on arm of service

«Dnipro-1» regiment announces admission on arm of service

Special operations policy regiment «Dnipro-1» announces admission on arm of service.


Position's person specification: citizenry of Ukraine from 20 to 40 years old with full secondary education without criminal and administrative sanctions. No matter which race, skin’s color, political and religious views, gender, ethnical and social birth.


Relation to military duty: army draftees and enlisted men who are suitable for and don’t dodge military service.


Candidate test: to define servicemen health status candidates should be medical examined. Also they should pass a test of physical culture level, psychophysical test and test of alcohol addiction and substance abuse.


Complete package of documents for personal file:


- photos 9х12 – 1 pcs.   3х4 – 4 pcs.;

- resume, statement of personal history;

- a copy of passport – 10 pcs., a copy of personal tax reference number – 5 pcs.;

- a copy of diploma of graduation with transcript – 2 pcs.;

- a copy of military card – 2 pcs.;

- a certificate issued by military commissariat concerning checking (for draft age personnel 20-27 years old);

- a copy of anti-terror operation participation in the presence of;

- the original and copy of workbook –  2 pcs.;

- Family Composition Certificate;

- copies of marriage\divorce certificate, certificate of birth of children;

- certificates from narcologist and psychiater (original and the copy);

- job reviews.


Documents are submitted at the address: 20а, Krasnaya Street, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


Additional info (from 9:00 till 18:00): 067-288-59-51, 095-877-10-20, 067-580-68-92 


E-mail:  [email protected]

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