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A policeman of regiment

Salary: if so agreed

Location: Dnepropetrovsk (possible temporary duty trips)

Emotionally stable, collaborative, equable, responsible, decisive, able-bodied men are inviting on a policeman of regiment duty position.


We engage for:

- collegiate;

- complete social package;

- stable salary;

- charge-free higher legal education at universities and colleges sponsored by government agencies of Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;  

- trainings as provided by global standard of coaching for special operations soldier’s.


Responsibilities: exact well-timed and high-quality carrying out duty and tasks concerning to peacekeeping and crime fighting.


Possible temporary duty trips in Mariupol, Krasnoarmiysk, Pavlograd and so on.


Additional info: [email protected]

+38 (067) 288 59 51, +38 (095) 877 10 20

  • Gender: male
  • Age: from 20 till 45 years old
  • Education: complete secondary
  • Personal skills: motivated, durable, strong
Screening process
1 Questionnaire
2 Interview at force command of regiment proceedings
3 Complete package of documents for personal file
4 Medical panel
5 Occupational selection of servicemen